Patriot Capital Invests in AFS All-American Holdings LLC (“Savannah”)

Patriot Capital is pleased to announce an investment in AFS All-American Holdings LLC. AFS All-American Holdings is the holding company for two operating companies which do business as Savannah and Architectural Arts (collectively, the “Company”).

Headquartered in Savannah, TN, Savannah has been a portfolio company of All-American Holdings and a platform for acquisitions of full-service fabricators of custom-made millwork, stone, and metal. Patriot’s investment, alongside senior debt from The PrivateBank, recapitalized Savannah and supported the acquisition of Architectural Arts, Inc., an Iowa-based provider of custom millwork, allowing the Company to expand its capabilities and geographic reach.

Savannah was established in 1991 as a food service millwork supplier. The Company was acquired by All-American Holdings from Standex International (NYSE: SXI) in 2014. Savannah’s solutions include custom millwork, stainless steel fabrication, and stone products which are used in a variety of end-markets including foodservice, education, and hospitality. The Architectural Arts acquisition broadens the Company’s product portfolio into high-end, specialized millwork. The acquisition also expands the Company’s customer base into the Midwest and further into end markets such as corporate offices, universities, and hospitals. Savannah is actively seeking complementary acquisitions in the Southeastern and Central United States.